Destructible Crates


    Destructible create for Unity 3D just drop it on to your scene and hit play. Reduce the time to develop you game by using premade crates that fall apart when destroyed.

    Features include:

    • Three levels of detail.
    • Support for cargo.

  • Web Player

    • DL0 - Crate
    • DL1 - Sides broken - cargo instantiated
    • DL2 - Individual planks
    • DL3 - Fractured planks
    • Test Drive Before Buying
      Web Player
  • Usage

      To use place a crate DL0 (destruction level 0) anywhere you want in the scene. All settings are handled through the CrateController.cs script that is on DL0. All the parameters will be passed from there to the lower destruction levels.

  • Cargo

      The crate can store cargo, which will be instantiated when the crate is hit hard enough for it to break. Make sure that the cargo is small enough to fit inside the crate, or it may blow the crate apart when it is instantiated.