Finite State Machine (FSM)


    Implement your own FSM-driven entities. This package handles all the work of the state machine, all you need to do is implement the states that you want to have. No more messy spaghetti code.

    Features include:

    • Implementation in all three languages: JavaScript, Boo, and C#.
    • Sample Scenes with a sample FSM in all three languages.
    • Fully Documented.

  • Web Player

      Test the sample state machine for a simple combination door. In this sample the comination is Blue->Red->Green. If any of the colors is touched out of place then the combination resets. The samples require Unity 3.5 or higher to run due to the change on the interface for SetActiveRecursively.

      Test Drive Before Buying
      Web Player
  • Languages

    • Implemented in JavaScript with sample scene.
    • Implemented in C# with sample scene.
    • Implemented in Boo with sample scene.

  • Documentation

    Comes with documentation for both the FSM package and the sample provided.