• What is the GDG?

    The Game Developers Guild is dedicated to bringing together those who desire to work with people interested in game development/programming as well those who want to learn about it. Our goals include but are not limited to educating community members on the art of video game development, hosting an open space where like-minded developers can get together, and hosting events to further the community growth in the tech sector. Our objectives are mainly to drive a community effort into game development with the intent of boosting the local technology community within Miami, Florida.

  • Who should Join?

    The Game Developers Guild aims at creating an environment that is conducive to the learning and development of games and as well as the growth of game development professionals. In order to accomplish this, we work hard at maintaining an environment that is fun and healthy for everyone to partake in. Everyone in the South Florida community (students and nonstudents) regardless of experience level is welcome to join. The GDG is open to game programmers, designers, artists, musicians, and anyone interested in any of those areas of game development.

    Membership Guidelines

  • Stay Updated!

    Keep up to date with all of our events and projects. We are constantly hosting events to nurture and grow the Game Development community here in South Florida. Don't miss out on our Game Jams or other netorking events.

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